Shout PR


Yes, of course you need to be tuned-in to the constantly evolving data-driven, techno-charged landscape that is online marketing, but you also need be able to see beyond the science and touch the art and emotion of successful interaction.

That’s where I come in. With enough experience to make me a communications veteran but with sufficient enthusiasm and drive to access and utilise all the tools now in our online drawer, I am the safe
but creative pair of hands needed to make your Communications and PR initiatives work and win!
I was a journalist in the days of telephones and pencils but jumped ship just before the stormy waters of the worldwide web emerged on the horizon. 

I set up my stall in the marketplace of PR –launching SHOUT! In 1991.
Since those garage-office days I have had the pleasure of working with more clients than I can remember (old age) in fields as diverse as specialist complex healthcare and industrial printing ink.

So, if you feel it may be helpful to listen to someone who’s been around the block and then work with someone whose creativity and desire to impact that bottom-line is undimmed by the passing years – that’s me!

Give me a call or drop me a line

Jeremy Hall